Stephan Manie Design Photography Video  



  • 1991 Design Academy - Man and Work - Eindhoven
  • 1986 VWO - Jeroen Bosch College - 's-Hertogenbosch
  • 1983 HAVO - Jeroen Bosch College - 's-Hertogenbosch

Student Alumni representative , Student Award 1991 - Bank note press for slot machines -
" The banknote press is a totally new product. A bank clerk happened to tell me that in order to obtain flat bank notes to fill slot machines the notes are ironed out manually. Flat notes are less likely to jam the machines and they also reduce transport costs. I took this as a starting point for my examination project, the result being a highly innovative product which presses/ counts banknotes. A newspaper article about the product arroused the interest of serveral manufacturers and the banking world."

  • 1992 Expositie Beurs van Berlage - Amsterdam - Man and Work
  • 1993 Expositie Young Industrial Talent - Amsterdam - Banknote Pressmachine


  • Nederlands: goed
  • Engels: goed
  • Duits: mondeling matig
  • Frans: mondeling goed